Our Mission

SF Tikes Academy serves families of young children ages 2-6 years old, including a TK program. The school is spacious, light and airy with plenty of outdoor play space, and conveniently located on South Van Ness Avenue at 23rd Street, a few blocks from BART as well as near multiple Muni bus lines and easy freeway access. We operate year round and full day to meet the needs of working families.


Children who go through our program will have experiences and guidance that teach them how to regulate themselves, relate sensitively and authentically to others, and function successfully in a group. They will integrate all five senses to perceive and understand the world. Many activities will aid in the refinement of fine and gross motor coordination, and help them learn how to take care of their bodies and personal items throughout the day with increasing independence. Children will learn ways to solve problems, experience cause and effect, engage in reasoning, and gain early math skills. Their language abilities will increase across the domains of speaking, hearing and listening, and they will develop beginning reading and writing skills.


SF Tikes Academy is a place not only where children learn and find their tribe, but also a place where parents can access community: network, form lifelong friendships, and seek the trusted advice of teachers who not only know child development, but also know their specific children well. Parents can meet each other at our various school events, starting with our fall family potluck in September. Through volunteering in the classroom, parents become more invested in the school, better get to know what teachers and children are doing in the classroom, and often gain a better understanding of and perspective on child development.


Our teachers are well-versed in the principles of child development and best practices of early childhood education, through formal education and experience in the field. We seek and hire teachers who are passionate about teaching young children, creative, nurturing, smart, have a sense of humor, and can sensitively observe and adjust to children’s changing needs. We go beyond California’s minimal requirements of what it means to be a “fully qualified teacher” and require degrees and varying years of experience based on their position.


Early childhood is a special time, and SF Tikes Academy is a special place where children can fully be children, learning in a nurturing, stimulating, joyful way with fantastic teachers as guides and partners.