In their time at SF Tikes Academy, children will learn the seven essential life skills for success in school and life, as described by Ellen Galinsky in Mind in the Making:

  1. Focus and self control - paying attention, remembering the rules, thinking flexibly, and exercising self-control

  2. Perspective taking - figuring out what others are thinking and feeling

  3. Communicating - determining what to communicate and how it will be received

  4. Making connections - what’s the same, what’s different, and sorting into categories

  5. Critical thinking - discerning what information is valid, and how to use it

  6. Taking on challenges - motivated to work hard and overcome the unknown

  7. Self-directed, engaged learning - driven by curiosity to never stop learning

When children graduate from our program and go on to kindergarten, they will be able to communicate well verbally and will be beginning to read and write. They will have an understanding of the properties of numbers. Children will be able to function independently throughout the daily routine, and participate successfully in a group setting with empathy. They’ll be perceptive and observant, have a working understanding of cause and effect, solve simple problems, and ask great questions. Graduates will also exhibit creativity and have a deep appreciation of the natural world. All in all, children who go through our program will have experienced the rich childhood that all children should experience, and enter kindergarten with the skills, smarts and love of learning that they need to succeed.

Our philosophy is inspired by: